Tomacado 花厨


Tomacado , a branded restaurant locates on the bank of the beautiful West Lake. With motif "lotus" as the carrier, designers harmonize the elegance of ladies into the flowing time and enrich the restaurant with the energy of life.

There is a harmonious echo between the motif "lotus” and architecture. By re-establishing the spatial association between the interior and the exterior, the designers incorporate the classic Chinese landscape scenarios: four-season lotus pond, overlapping silhouettes along lakeside, and bridges over flowing water into the space. Moreover, they invite the outdoor lights and scenery inside resembling the paintings of nature. New vault structure on ceiling removes the pressure from original building story height, not only bringing more comforts for dining experience, but also creating moments of conflicting tension between the transparency of the space and the nostalgic atmosphere of main entrance. The dialogue between architecture and floral installations; the touching emotions intertwined within space brought by the flows of lights and shadows; the delicate texture of materials and the delicate colors are all to illustrate the elegance and tenderness of ladies. The light shines through the holes of metal plates and the West Lake glinted in the sunshine at dusk, Tomacado, the city and nature are never separated.