Tomacado 花廚


Flower kitchen located in Joy City. We try to explore the possibility of food, space, plants and light, create a very romantic space, let plants and food and people interact with each other, 

make use of semi-virtual space medium, blur the boundaries between each other to a certain extent, and make it a whole, create a mysterious and elegant atmosphere space.

In terms of design techniques, and the "a tortuous path leading to the quiet in the distance, there was covered with flowers and trees shade the Buddhist temple" forms a progressive spatial implication.By borrowing scenery, create a special experience for guests to eat in the urban jungle, enjoy a relaxed dining environment for people who are nervous in Beijing. A romantic and beautiful atmosphere is the luck of meeting any kind of food.

Flower kitchen entrance is a flower shop, which uses perforated aluminum plate arch to describe the modern city. It reacts with the flowers blooming here from time to time, creating a hazy play.We narrate the connection between the florist and the restaurant to increase the spatial experience of the guests. It is like walking through a secret garden and then through the arch to enter the restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant is simplified, and the space is separated by Beige arched doors, which not only ensures the simplicity and privacy of the moving line, but also meets the client's requirements for the number of seats for dining.Wood and terrazzo materials are used as final materials, and floral devices are used to finish. Presented through the interpolation of points and lines and the relationship between space.

We believe that nature is the best designer. Whether it is the device of flower elements, wooden rattan chair or gravel floor tile, it is the product of natural state and current life.